Christmas Cards 2011

Christmas card making is always done too late, is too rushed and sometimes all too stressful…. But you know what, I love it. For years I have bought a minimal amount of cards usually something unusual that is creative or for a good cause. Leaving me to make the majority for good friends, work colleagues and family. Each year a different design is made ,depending on materials, time and how mad I can be. Previous years have included snowflakes in bubbles, pop-up angels, boxes with acetate tubes and last year origami Christmas trees. This year with not much time, I discovered a range of materials at the fabulous Paperchase which worked well together. Sets of small recycled cotton rag cards (in pink, purple, grey, black and blue) and of table scatter decorations Reindeers (in psychedelic colours) and plain white snowflakes.

Initially combining these elements was really effective. Placing a reindeer in the centre of the front and a snowflake on the back made a simple and quick method that looks really good. Making each possible combination of colours (20 in total) provided some cards that have a fabulous subtlety and some with a jarring psychedelic experience. This individuality was perfect for work where each person would receive their own design.

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As always designs evolve as I make more. Mainly because Im making for other people and sometimes because I want a change or a challenge. I remembered that the excellent Robert Sabuda site has a very useful section on ready made pop-ups and  I recalled there was a reindeer mechanism. Using the design to make corresponding coloured heads to fit inside the cards I was able to add another dimension, giving these stylish cards a bit of fun.

Finally some specials for my partner (Purple Reindeers and Snowflakes on similar cards but with pressed flowers) and for the Free Trade Inn (a pop-up of the building, with snow drift). I hope people enjoy these mash-up cards


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