Pop-Up 101 – “A Guilty Conscience Is The Mother Of Invention”

Shhh… Sometimes we buy cards. When I can’t be bothered to make a card or we are running a little late or usually because we see something that we can’t create. A lot of times its a stunning image (Ansell Adams), or an amazing complex design (Sabuda Christmas Cards) or even a great joke (Farside). Some classic cards stay with us forever. I always chuckle at remembering the brilliance of a Garfield card that went “Your so old, you knew Alexander the Great, when he was just mediocre”. Sadly the image was let down with Garfield wearing a Roman Centurion Outfit. (Yeah, I know a talking sardonic cat who eats lasagne… and Im pointing out what he’s wearing wasn’t historically accurate). Anyway I sometimes feel guilty and feel the urge to improve the card. Here are a couple of examples.

We had stored a great card with apples and pears on, for one of the cider tarts. The Cider Tarts are a group of partners, friends and family who are prominent in the drinking and promotion of cider in Newcastle. So for Lisa’s birthday we had this card but I felt it needed something else. An apple tree.

Constructed out of two tree shapes which interlocked into place. One tree shape was in line with the central fold of the card, the second tree crossed over the fold at a slight angle making a simple V-Fold. A patch of grass was placed around the base to hide the tabs attaching to the base card and a few rough apples were attached to the tree.

Another example of updating a card was this 20 min fix. My partners parents had just relocated to a  house in Stenhousemuir and this involved travelling from Salisbury with two vocal Siamese cats. We had bought a good Welcome to your new home card and when I was asked to sign it, I had the urge to do more. After suggestions from my partner, I sketched out a simple cartoon and sought approval. Once agreed I transferred it onto card and then converted into another simple v-fold pop-up.
Sometimes none of us have time to create whole cards but sometimes a simple quick fix to a half decent pre-made one can make a real difference that is so much more personal.
(Title Quote by Carolyn Wells)

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