Pop-up Diary Entry July 12 – Allez Wiggo

The 99th version of the Tour De France brought about a rarity. A british win.

Team Sky dominated proceedings from start to finish planning stages to minute detail and controlling the peloton. A team work performance throughout with all members taking specific roles. This sometimes put others ambitions to the side but in the end all worked towards receiving one of the greatest prizes in Cycling.

After losing a man to injury early on. Sky team pulled together with stupendous performances from Boassan Hagan, Rogers and Porte. But special mentions need to go to the other British riders who gave up their own potential gains for this over victory.

Chris Froome, finished second overall and potentially could have won himself. On the mountain stages his burst of pace smashed pelotons, destroyed nearest rivals and at one point nearly Wiggans his Team Leader. But he followed orders (what he signed up for) and paced Wiggans out. In fairness Wiggans did the same for him in another stage. Froome won one stage and this won’t be his last. A future champion no doubt.

Mark Cavendish, was never going to dominate the sprints as he had done in 2011. But his three victories in this series took him to 23 in total, 4th all time and the greatest sprinter of all time in the tour. He waited patiently for his chances, concentrating on getting over the mountains and performing domestic duties for the team. The final flourish with the win in Paris is hopefully a precursor to Olympic Gold.

How many yellow jerseys have led out their main sprinter under the 1Km banner on the Champs Elysees? Hiding in the pack is not the way of Bradley Wiggins. Instead being involved, (potentially risking all) to help a fellow teammate  win a stage is part of who he is. His reaction at their victories is excellent and his confirmation in interviews of their contribution to his yellow jersey, is honest and thankful. A great leader does this, delegates work and supports/encourages achievement. Wiggins over years has proved himself to be a formidable cyclist. A track champion who has learnt to climb hills with the best. His time trailling is still his forte and in this tour was decisive with two wins in the 50+km individuals that built and secured a significant time cushion. But what makes Wiggins great is his calm confidence, honest objectivity and good sportsmanship. Its also his unique quirkiness. A mod with a dry sense of humour. Facing the french nation on the winners podium his opening words of his speech were “Right, We’re just going to draw the raffle numbers”…. Wiggins is a great british champion and role model, in a year of overpaid underachievers and villains, and this should be celebrated

Well done Bradley, and remember “have a safe journey home and don’t get too drunk”

This Origami shirt was made in the last 40km of todays final stage. I first saw an example of this, in the Free Trade pub, done by a talented artist Sue, who has done a number of excellent gifts and pieces of work. At this time I had looked up the design. When thinking how to celebrate the impending victory, I had originally planned to recreate the podium pop-up I had made for a music diary in 2009 (see photos) but I followed a much simpler option (I had an illness and couldn’t be bothered). The shirt seemed a great choice.





Made from one sheet of yellow card and following a some instructions from the Origami Resource Centre. A simple process which brought a pleasing, clean and quick result. All that was left to do was put the advertising on the shirt. The hardest element in the end was trying to get a blue colour to appear on the shirt without turning green (a minor fail). I completed with 10km to spare just in time to see Cavandish’s fabulous finish and hoping that Wiggins didn’t fall off his bike. So success all round then

Some further celebrationary listening (highlights taken from Cycle Sport Wiggins top 10 Playlist interview)

Paul Weller – Changing Man , The Jam – In The City , The Who – Heat wave , Small Faces – Happy Days Toytown , Smiths – This Charming Man , Ocean Colour Scene – Riverboat Song


2 comments on “Pop-up Diary Entry July 12 – Allez Wiggo

  1. What a creative way of celebrating the British talent and success!! I look forward to more of your creation. Absolutely delightful shirt! I may make one myself!

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