Boxes 4: The Tunnel

“Light at the end of the tunnel? We don’t even have a tunnel; we don’t even know where the tunnel is” – Lyndon B Johnson

This attachment is one of the simplest and most effective to make boxes different. A basic shape can be created by cutting two shapes (usually squares) on opposing walls. Some careful measurements and cutting is needed especially if the tunnel will be close to the edges of the box. The tunnel itself is made of an open ended oblong box with tabs the end which attach to the inside of the box. Its measurements reflects the length of the main box and the length of the shapes cut out on the faces. For example for this box. Attaching the tunnel in many cases happens almost at the start of box construction after the cut out and pre-folding. It always seems easier to attach the tunnel to the two faces getting it fixed into position before constructing the main body. The actual tunnel adds rigidity to the structure and gives a strong basis to the project.

Once this is mastered, you can have fun. For example in this cube made for our Edinburgh friends Cath and Simon, it contains the smallest tunnel I have made. A tiny 1x1cm structure in light blue card, dwarfed by the dark blue cube. The open space leaves itself to a number of cityscape and square doodles.

As we have seen before adding additional different elements adds more dimensions. The aforementioned Swirl Cube’s tunnel is the dominant attachment of the object. One moment adding light and space and the next producing darkness and closure in equal measure.

So you’ve mastered box shaped tunnels. How about trying a different shape. Heres my attempt at a Gothic Arch. Started with a standard 5×5 box pattern, but with two gothic windows on alternate walls. The tunnel itself was difficult to construct, due to measuring the curves involved. A number of attempts were made to get this right. The curve also meant the two long edges had tabs that fanned out to make the attachment easier. After these issues, the construction of the actual box was actually quite straightforward and when completed makes a striking and bold project.

So thats tunnels, at some point we will look at how we can enhance these additional spaces, but thats for another time.

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