Collaboration Corner 1 : Pirate Mouse

First of a new feature. Following on from the June Diary entry of Steph and myself’s artwork, I thought I would celebrate some of other shared work. So expect cards that have been developed with other people. And first the Pirate Mouse Card.

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Made for Caths Birthday October 2012. Steph had created a felt mouse from the excellent craft book ‘Felties – How to Make 18 Cute and Fuzzy Friends‘ by Nelly Pailloux. The book is filled with cute and slightly bizarre animals that when created make fantastic tiny gifts for people. When we initially looked through the book, the pirate mouse stood out with eyepatch and bandolier and was begging to be made. Completed in deep purple felt, and standing tall at 8cm, the mouse is fab by itself but needed a method of transportation/protection to get up to Scotland. So I created a crows nest card.. A light blue (sky coloured) card was made. Twice as tall as wide to give height for the mast, the card was folded with a deep spine (the same width as the crows nest attachment). This was a simple boxed envelope attachment. A large rectangular front with smaller side and bottom sections with tabs to attach to the card which once assembled provides a snug and safe space for the mouse. The crows nest is done in mid brown card with bark like scribbles drawn in a dark brown fine liner. A mast and a skull and crossbones flag was added for extra pirate effect. The finishing touch was using a quarter of the mouses head as the image on the front of the card. It gives an additional cute, cartoony feel and teases a little of what maybe is inside.

Further listening – Horrible Histories – Blackbeards Song


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