Boxes 5 – Stairway to….

“If theres a Bustle in your Hedgerow, Don’t be alarmed now” – Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven

When I blogged previously in Boxes 3 about the concertina box, I talked about mutation and the need to keep moving forward. This box was nicknamed the mutant box, as it has so many elements. Again it was a personal challenge to make it increasingly more complex and difficult with more inward and outward box attachments.

It sort of gets forgotten that its initial inception was to create another difficult element of my doodles, a staircase box.

Considering I live in a ground floor flat, I do like a good stairway. I grew up in a multilevel house and as a child i would happily play on the stairs whether sitting on them watching rain through the open door or using it as an obstacle in a game of golf. We also had the piggy stairs at the top of our street, a steep fleet leading from one Gateshead hill to a higher peak. We used to run up in the summer and slide down in the winter. Now in Newcastle, stairs still give stories and journeys whether the iconic Dog Leap stairs (with highwayman and elopement) or the staircase through the undergrowth to the Ouseburn. I love especially old spiral staircases, the one in the tower of Durham Cathedral is a good example, leading up to the tranquility of the roof.

The design of the box, took some planning (as can be seen in the diagram). Taking a chunk out of the original box design and replacing with a 1cm, 2cm and 3cm steps meant careful measuring and folding. Creating enough tabs to attach ensured a pretty easy assembly of the main body. Except for the amount of attachments which littered the faces and some careful planning was needed to ensure that box elements did not clash within the inside structure. Whilst top and bottom faces are attachment-less, I will go through the other 4 faces briefly explaining the adaptations.

Face 1 : The back of the box has 2 attachments, an outward square box measuring 2cm x 2cm x1cm and an inward rectangular box 3cm x 1cm x 1cm

Face 2 : Shows the profile of the staircase and has one outward attachment. A 1cm x 4cm x 1cm rectangular box

Face 3 : Showing the other profile of the stairs. A deep square inward attachment measuring 2cm x 2cm x 2cm.

Face 4 : The actual staircase. 2 attachments are on here. on the 3cm step, a rectangular 2cm x 1cm x 2cm inward box. More tricky was the 1cm x 1cm x 1cm outward box on the 2cm step which left 1/2 cm border to the step folds.

The finishing box was made from a medium brown marble like card with the attachments in a lighter brown shade. The piecing together was comparitively  simple, as long as a logical method was used in fixing the attachments and building the box in the right order. When finished it was a surprisingly clean finish and fairly sturdy.

As always the designs adapted with a few more staircase boxes developed. For example here are the plans and a picture of a Celtic Stamped Staircase Box (done in 2003). Primarily used for practising using stamp designs on models it also incorporated a tunnel and some attachments used in the original staircase box.

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