Christmas Cards 2012


For most of November and December I have been a little scuppered in card and pop-up making by my tempermental printer. Firstly refusing to work with the slightest thickness of card and then refusing to print colours in random fashion. This led to the lack of posts of the blog and a truly awful attempt at a Siouxsie and the Banshees card for my partners birthday. It lacked both black and red at one point and on a Siousxie card unforgivable….. So pre planned Christmas cards went out the window and I went back to an old favourite – Origami Christmas Tree’s

Using a simple origami design the whole point was to show off a fabulous range of Japanese origami paper I had collected. So the cards decoration was initially kept to a minimum with only a small drift of silver glitter covering the bottom of the card to give some depth. The initial batch above was for work and friends and shows off the simplicity and beauty of the paper and shape. The cards were only 5.5 by 6.5 cm, 210 gsm and made from recycled cotton rag and the trees built from one quarter of a 15cm square sheet of paper (so each square was 7.5 x 7.5 cm).


IMG_2124As always designs develop and for friends and relatives the cards became bigger with the same size trees given more breathing space on a sightly bigger card. This also give opportunity to add a few snowflakes using a few clear mirror plastic jewels and add more glitter. Some family trees were also considerably bigger because I used the IMG_2157whole 15cm x 15cm sheet. There were also some changes in colour with the subtle blues giving way to more colourful oriental designs. To make up for the Siouxsie card debacle, Steph got a card with three trees on..

IMG_2158Finally I made some cards especially for my fellow resident Record Player explorers. These were based on Christmas cards in 2009 that in turn originated from a page in my 2008 music diary. At the time every Christmas number one had been hijacked as a money making scheme for the X Factor with the winning act recording a rubbish song and sheep minded people buying it, ensuring popular vote would win the day above quality. Sensible minded people were sick of this and someone suggested putting an established song up against it for charity…. which turned out to be the very sweary Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing In The Name Of‘. I’m guessing because a) the message and b) it has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas.  What started as a joke built up into a serious challenge, mainly because downloading tunes allowed people to buy multiple copies easily and cheaply (I bought three). In the end Joe McEldrey lost out and RATM were triumphant. After the victory I felt compelled to build a monument to the return to common sense. IMG_2159So I made an origami Christmas tree with all the Christmas number ones on. Done simply by listing all the tracks into a pre sized text box and varying the font size so all space was taken up. When folded it had the great effect of the song titles running diagonal down the tree.To finish an origami star was added and finally a small RATM card  hidden behind with the message ‘Mr Cowell, Happy Christmas, I won’t do what you tell me’ printed inside.

IMG_2120So it seemed appropriate that with my musical minded friends should have this festive version. Again simple trees adorned with track titles/artists with a bit of glitter this time on black cards. An additional festive lyric (see below) was also placed on each. And you will see there is nothing sensible about who or what is number one.

Any way the wind blows” , “Its just the touch of your hand behind a closed door” , “I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar” , “But a womans needs are manifold” , “I’ll be your leprechaun and sit upon an old toadstool” , “Le notte d’estate la luna l’estelle Lassu

So Christmas came and Santa brought me lots of pop-up and paper engineering books, as well as some more stunning origami papers. I didn’t get a printer in my stocking, lets hope theres one in the sales


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