Collaboration Corner 2 : Tree Branch and Leaves

IMG_1934A further exploration into joint pieces of work. This was a card created for our friend Sam who has an affinity to Trees.

It all came about with Steph creating a felt leaf by taking designs from a leaf spotting guide, and making templates which were used to cut out a basic shape. These were cut out of green felt, stitched around the outside and slightly padded out. Finally a number of vein lines were added giving definition. The leaf by itself was to be given to Sam but we felt that more leaves were needed (and Steph would create two more) and it needed something to hang from or be attached to.


I concentrated on the card. Realising very early on that I could not create a whole pop-up tree big enough to accommodate this leaf alone, I scaled back to create a single branch. Cut out of the brown card which would form the basis of the main card, a roughly hewn branch was created with enough hanging spaces for leaves. This was folded down the centre creating a mountain fold. At the bottom two tabs had been left on the branch. When attached to the card these faced downwards and were slightly sprayed apart allowing the branch to spring forward when the card opened, to roughly 45 degrees. To get over the messy tab arrangement I created an green card insert which covered the mechanism, this also allowed a bit of imagination to create a green leafy canopy. This added a lot of stability to the branch which looks delicate but is actually very secure and strong.

Finishing touches were a large green leaf for the front of the card (cut out of the same canopy green with scores cut in for veins) and an envelope for the leaves on the back.



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