Valentines Day 2013

IMG_2469First of all, I have to say me and Steph don’t go for all this Valentines hype, Why have one day where we have to buy your special one a gift or card to tell them you love them – when you should be doing this 365 days a year. I have long suspected that Cupid was in fact a very clever marketing strategist who not only came up with this cash cow but possibly also mothers/fathers/grandparents days. We always say we won’t celebrate the day, but always one of us cracks under the pressure and we end up making cards. Which like a hypocrite I think is pretty cool. Here are our 2013 versions

IMG_2471As always Steph outdid herself with a heart card. On a large light pink card, a deeper pink paper heart with a slight sparkly sheen is placed. I like the fact the heart is slightly non symmetrical and there is a sublime embossed line with creates a border a couple of mm’s inside the heart. Then comes the difficult bit. Steph has cut out an intricate floral design very reminiscent of Tord Boontje. She explained that the design had taken a number of attempts and many templates were made. The combination of a the strong branch with spiralling offshoots, leaves and flowers is a great effect. The choice of shimmering blue paper was a great choice as this subtly combines with the pinks of the card. It is very me.

IMG_2473After I had discovered Steph had made something, I hid myself away to come up with a card myself. Steph was watching a recording of BBC’s new ‘Penguins, spy in the huddle’  programme and the strange noises coming from the living room inspired this card featuring an old friend. Basically I wanted to create a heart shaped iceberg on a blue sea with the Penguin (last seen surfing the Kanagawa wave). A piece of almost turquoise card was cut creating a card 100cm square (ish). A heart was cut out of white corrugated card and then the penguin created. The initial penguin shape from blue card, white card was cut  into circles for eyes and an ellipse for the breast. Then a couple of small brown feet, a yellow beak and a traditional green party hat. When assembling a split pin was pushed through the centre of the penguin with the white breast plate covering. The assembled penguin was then attached to the iceberg with the split pin. A little gap was left between the penguin and iceberg as the pins legs were folded back allowing the penguin to spin around. The heart was then placed in the centre of the card using adhesive spacers, which not only gave depth and a better spin but also gave rigidity to the flimsy corrugated card. The final touch was white spirals drawn on the sea giving a stylised impression of waves.

For the record Valentines night was spent with many friends at Mr Draytons record Player for the 80’s battle between ABC’s ‘Lexicon of Love’ and Human Leagues ‘Dare’. Almost impossible to separate…. like our cards. Enjoy

Human League – Love Action

ABC – The Look Of Love


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