Boxes 6 : Sliding Box Cube


“World, the time has come, to push the button” – Chemical Brothers Galvanise

This box came from watching a friend push the attachments of a birthday box/card I had made for them. As they desparately tried to activate the outward cubes randomly and pointlessly appearing on faces of the cube with no visible effect, it was making me think. What If I could get movement??? So I built this cube with a simple movement mechanism which depended of a roll of card acting as a restraining device.

IMG_2614The Main body was a 7cm square Cube made out of purple card. Two windows are cut out 2cm square as though I was preparing to put in a tunnel attachment. The windows are big enough for another box to pass through but not too large for gaps to appear around the attachment once in place. This proved to be difficult as to big a window provided a flimsy finish while a more narrow window stopped the smooth running of the moving box and caused the walls to warp.

IMG_2603The Sliding Box is a 2cm x 2cm x 15cm box constructed out of light blue card. The length of the box was so large so that when the box is pushed to its full extent (with restraining device at the wall) there would be at least 1cm of box showing on one side. Halfway down the box, two holes are created for the restraining device.

IMG_2605Construction was a gradual process. First the construction of the sliding box (without restraint), then building up the four sides of the main cube from the base and getting them into place. Next the sliding box was inserted and a small roll of card placed in the small holes of the box. A quick test next to see if the movement was good with adjustments made to windows if needed. Finally the lid was attached creating the finished box.

Now a gentle push of the sliding box gives a satisfying novelty movement to an ordinary cube.

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