My favourite albums of 2012 (Part Four)

The continued look at my favourite albums of 2012 (hopefully which will be finished before the end of 2013). Each accompanying pop-up is made within a 1 hour timescale and is within a standard place card.

IMG_2620Album 7) Imagined Village – Bending The Dark

Take a good dose of folk music and modernise it to  show a more multicultural British society. Violins and guitars sweep in perfect company with eastern instruments and modern electronic back beats. Traditional songs are given modern twists whilst newly written tracks touch on  subjects such as the occupy movement, riots and the banking crisis. All are amazing multilayered gems that are accessible at first but with more listening it pays dividends.

Key Track: Winter Singing. Instantly accessible track lit up by Eliza Carthy’s fragile sublime vocals with backing growls from Martin Carthy. The tune itself feels really off centre with a stop/start approach of changing time signatures. Fiddles, guitars lead the way over more mystic instruments and some electronica background. An odd but so clever song

The pop up is based on the Winter Singing track above. A simple long triangular support branch was created in black card using a mountain fold. It is placed within the card and stuck down to give a roughly 60 degree angle diagonally upwards. At the end, a small hole is inserted and black thread threaded through attaching to the branch and a pre cut snowflake. Allowing enough space for the snowflake to dangle without hitting the floor. As the card opens it looks like the snowflake is hovering mid-air. A few other snowflake toppers are added and are decorated with notes of music.

Other recommended :- Fisherman, Captains apprentice, Sick Old Man

IMG_2616Album 8) Rush – Clockwork Angels

Before its release the question was where would this album fit into Rush’s 18 previous studio releases. The early released tracks Caravan and BU2B gave an early positive indication of an album of strong positive songs and on its release, it did not disappoint. A Steampunk concept album with real power with Peart, Lifeson & Lee pulling back the years (a decade maybe), each displaying the usual technically ability but ramped up with tons of individual solos that fit into a focused work. Even the production that that hampered some recent efforts lifted the album. There are too many great tracks on this to go through individually but needless to say, they are excellent. Best album since Counterparts…. discuss

Key Track – Headlong Flight – Just over 7 minutes of Rush at their bombastic best. Multilayer riffs, bass beats and drums raise to a crescendo into driving (very Rush like) verses. Stop start with changes of paces in chorus and so many individual fills and solos. Each take their turn around the 4 minute mark but this just adds to the sublime pace and power of the whole.

IMG_2618For this pop-up, I tried to make a Zeppelin to go along with the Key Track, but feared this was technically mad and more than an hours work. Instead I used an old friend, a template of an angel by Robert Sabuda which I have used for Christmas cards previously. This template itself deserves a post for the times I have adapted this, so I will detail this fully at another time. This time I took the template and shrunk it to 40% of the original so it would fit onto the place card. It was printed onto gold card (on the white reverse) and cut out. The white side was then coloured in black as to not stand out. As this is a steampunk concept album, I doodled on the angel a series of cogs and levers in black fine liner (none of which is technically correct). The angel is stuck into the card and when opened hovers ominously.

Other recommended :- The Wreckers, Clockwork Angels, Halo Effect, Seven Cities Of Gold, Caravan

Albums 9 & 10 to follow soon.

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