140 Influences in 140 (& a few more) letters…….. Number12 – Record Shops

Record-Store-Day-2013To celebrate Record Store Day 2013 on Saturday April 20th, heres an extended excerpt from High Fidelity by Nick Hornby

“The shop smells of stale smoke, damp and plastic dust-covers, and it’s narrow and dingy and dirty and overcrowded….this is what record shops should look like, and only Phil Collins’ fans bother with those that look as clean and wholesome as a suburban Habitat.”

Further reading

Record Store Day Website

Last Shop standing teaser clip

Sound it Out trailer

High Fidelity Film – Saturday afternoon clip

Flicking through music especially vinyl, on a Saturday afternoon in Newcastle holds a certain heartwarming magic. The exhilaration of finding long searched for albums, hearing a new fascinating track or being absorbed by cover artwork is an important part of my weekend chill out process. Great record shops are always strange, not usually suited to their space but are filled with characters and assistants who genuinely care and know about music. And whilst some shops have sadly gone, many survive adapting better than those larger stores on the high street. Your little local record store still needs support, so this weekend, do them a favour and buy a record. Hopefully I will see you at the till with some Peter Gabriel.


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