Half Cut

securedownloadWarning. Do not try this at home.

‘Cause were experimental and professional…’ – ZZ Top ‘Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers

11:30pm at night, 3 pints of strong ale consumed, running off the exhilaration of winning the general knowledge round at the Free trade and I have a pair of scissors in my hands.

For some reason at late night, my mind leaps into creative mode and I can suddenly and unexpectedly do projects which have stumped me for days. The previous weekend, Steph had purchased a new apple phone in all it’s black glassed minimalist glory. She wasn’t happy though at the choice of covers (i.e. not blue/shiny/sparkly) and ended up with a black rimmed case with a clear back. I quickly suggested that we could insert something blue & shiny between the phone and the clear case, but after a few attempts of drawing random designs (at normal times of days), I couldn’t find a design which was suitable.

securedownloadBut at this special hour and under the influence, inspiration hit. Quickly grabbing a piece of dark blue mirrored card and a pencil I drew two branches of art nouveau (ish) branches from a base, that intertwined upwards finally looping either side of the apple logo. Then the dangerous bit, scissors in hand, cutting out the design whilst trying to be careful not to sever the branches (and fingers) whilst cutting out the inside sections. Once cut out, size was checked and adjustments made. Design was placed in the phone case & voilà.

And for that fleeting moment I thought maybe I should start a new thread of posts entitled ‘The Late Half Cut Project’ with the next design done at 1:30am with the aid of a bottle of vodka…. mmm maybe not.


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