Desire Lines

IMG_2669“A desire line can be a path created as a consequence of foot or bicycle traffic. The path usually represents the shortest or most easily navigated route between an origin and securedownloaddestination. The width of the path and its erosion are indicators of the amount of use the path receives. Desire paths emerge as shortcuts where constructed ways take a circuitous route, or have gaps, or are lacking entirely.”

So here are a few pathways & shortcuts to some places I find useful, desirable and distracting. Im starting with a few that are useful starting points and I will add more as I discover more through the blog. But for now, please enjoy meandering through these links

IMG_2677Pop up Artists

Robert Sabuda Homesite , David A Carter Pop-up Books site (includes ‘Elements of pop-up’ templates) , Jan Pienkowski site , Matthew Reinhart site

Paper Engineering

3 Eyed Bear – Papercraft site , Cubecraft 3D figures site , Tentonken Papercraft site


BBC your paintings site , Manchester Art Gallery site , Scottish Gallery of Modern Art site , Tate Modern site , Hepworth Gallery site , The Baltic site


Information is Beautiful website , Graphjam site , Matters of Grey site ,


SFX Magazine , Laughing Squid Site , Boardgame Geek site , Geek & Sundry Youtube channel


Sid Smiths Postcards from the Yellow Room site , The Other… if its not one thing site , Mr Drayton Record Player blog , site , Coverville Podcast


Oh Beery Me Blog , Tyne and Beer Metro Blog , Newcastle Real Ale Listings , Opensideways Blog


Gateshead FC site

Miscellaneous – Worthy other posts

From The North blog

Ramblings Of A Wandering Toon Blog



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