Rhyme & Reason

It started with a box, then another, then another, then a pyramid, then a sphere in the expanse then maybe a sun…. So the doodle begins. From an early age I was obsessed with doodles and specifically geometric shapes that from one form builds into imaginary city like scapes taking over margins, writing and complete pages. This is where my obsession with boxes arose, the need to make these scribbles tangible, a physical form to create. A basic idea, then a packaging manual allowed me to create a range of boxes, to build and give away as presents. Boxes are my sanctuary, a focus of the mind and enabling tranquility.

It started with a book, anticipation runs high, slowly turning the page and feeling the pressure of cardboard moving as the shapes and objects evolve, there is a creaking noise reminding you of the fragility of the pages, and then all of a sudden it is the revealed. The object appears, bringing stunned silence/a gasp/laughter and I wonder ‘How on earth is this done?’ For a long time I have been obsessed with Pop-up books, I own 60ish and regularly look at them for inspiration. I love that child-like sense of awe that pop-ups give us and I marvel at the creativity that allows a balloon, T-Rex, car to leap from a page.

That idea of Awe Inspiring and Creativity is central to what I search for in my Life. I love being in galleries and museums looking for the elusive piece to blow me away, in drinking real ale I enjoy the creativity in brewing the perfect pint, In my work as a Youth and Community worker finding an inspiring cause, or as a football fan I look for that creative play. But most of all in my artistic life these obsessions make me the amateur Pop-up/Paper engineer that I have become. Trying to make someone smile and wonder how

In this blog I want to explore some of the paper engineering I do and how it fits into this ever changing folding reality we live in



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